Problems and Solutions


At Serve Ghana, helping make positive change in communities in Ghana is our primary aim. Below are problems we identified as an organization in some deprived communities in Ghana and solutions we provided to those problems.

People suffer or die from preventable diseases due to germ-infested ponds and streams, which is carried in their livestock.

People live below the international abject poverty threshold and survive in deplorable structures as houses.

Students do not have classrooms and desks for their studies.

People receive health care services under trees, and three available hospitals and two clinics lack basic health supplies and equipment to function effectively.


Helping make positive change in our communities is our primary aim. Here, are some of the solutions we provided to the problems or challenges identified in some less privilege communities in Ghana

Develop Water Well/Borehole Systems to provide safe drinking water.  Each water system will provide safe drinking water for 100 to 2000 people for life.

Train and build people’s capacity and provide start-up capital for viable economic activities to ensure sustainable livelihood.

Build classrooms with furnished desks and teaching and learning materials

Provide adequate regular medical supplies and equipment and build additional health clinics