Safe Drinking Water

The major source of domestic water is germs-infested streams/ponds which they compete over with their livestock. As a result, children suffer and die from preventable diseases with a general life expectancy of 50years - 6 years lower than the national rate of 56 years due to lack of wholesome water and primary healthcare facilities.

Some of these ponds/streams/rivers are about three to five miles away from the communities. Some even dry up during dry seasons. School children have to walk between two to five miles to fetch water with buckets and gallons and carry them on their heads or on bicycles (the lucky boys) home before they could bathe and go to school.

Getting clean water for them via mechanized boreholes is therefore an urgent necessity. A survey conducted by the Catholic Diocese of Techiman upon its inauguration in 2008 showed that we needed about 100 boreholes to give clean drinking water for the towns and villages in the catchment area.

With the benevolence of people like you, the diocese has been able to provide twenty five boreholes as at the end of 2016 at the cost of $8,000.00 each. We need seventy five more. One mechanized borehole serves a town/village of between 100 and 2000 residents. They are managed by some selected women in the communities/villages who are given some stipend at the end of the month from the $0.05 price per 5 gallons-bucket that are collected from the people. This allows them take ownership of them and maintain and repair them in case of any break down. This ensures the sustainability of the project.

These boreholes provide the inhabitants with safe drinking water within the communities/villages. This forestalls the daily three to five miles walk by children for water, prevents avoidable diseases and deaths and increases the general life expectancy of the people.