What Can You Do?

Our charitable aid and assistance, though unlimited, would have four main focal areas, namely, provision of safe drinking water, healthcare delivery, accessible quality education and poverty alleviation.

Monthly Contributions Commitment

Being part of Friends of Serve Ghana by committing to pay $35 per month for a given year.

Sponsoring Drilling of Boreholes

Sponsor one or more Water Well/Borehole Systems in memory or honor of a love one. Such donors become Sponsors of Serve Ghana and will be officially recognized.

Making Donations

Making  (1) donations of whatever amount or, (2) helping in any way towards raising the needed funds.  Such donors/helpers become Supporters of Serve Ghana and will be officially recognized.

Make a Bequeath to Serve Ghana

You may also make a bequeath to Serve Ghana or sponsor any of our projects of  your choice, namely building schools, clinics, houses, medical supplies etc.